There are many forms of bullying such as physical, social, or verbal.

Bullying affects millions of people each year and thousands of victims commit suicide each year.

Unfortunately, many people like to blame the victim but in reality it is not the fault of the victim; instead, it is the fault of the system.

We need to add news laws in order to make bullying taken seriously.

We need to have laws that will invest more money in mental health, have aggressive awareness campaigns on bullying and mental health, and declare that each school should have at least one person who is officially in charge of bullying, discrimination, and violence.

In addition, there needs to be laws that will send students to jail for at least a few weeks especially if a kid commits suicide from bullying, jail teachers for a few months at least especially if they don’t take action to stop bullying and a kid commits suicide, and jail teachers several months at least if they directly bully or encourage bullying especially if a kid commits suicide.